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I was off today and I had several online things to get done in addition to keeping up with my Words With Friends. I wanted to create a dinner that was easy, quick and tasteful.

I purchased a pork tenderloin at a local supermarket. I doctored it up by putting it in a baking dish and pouring about a 1/4 cup of organic low sodium chicken stock and also the same amount of fresh orange juice. I added ALOT of fresh cracked black pepper, then sliced a peach and an apple that I had in the fruit bowl and placed the fruit around the pork.

I topped the meat with chopped rosemary and thyme as well as my favorite fresh garlic.

I put that in the oven at a temp of 375, and began slicing up a side dish of sweet peppers and basic black beans.

WINE break!

Root:1 Cabernet Savignon from Chile

I tried a bottle of Root:1 Cabernet Savignon from Chile. VERY distinct rich flavor of black currant, mocha and cherry flavors. A half of a glass later, I decided it was time to sautee the peppers and beans in a drizzle of olive oil.

Dinner was good, however, conversation tonight was limited to rewinds of specific scenes of General Hospital. grrrr. : )