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I love my days off. I love to go out to breakfast. I love West Chester.

This beautiful sunny Monday morning I saw a Face Book post from my friend Joyce Gincley, who has her own pet care business and web site that mentioned a local bulletin board with a couple of locally run businesses in the county.

I wanted to try someplace new for breakfast.

So that’s how I ended up at “Roots Cafe” at 8 West Gay Street. What attracted me to the place was the fact that they tout “antibiotic free” eggs on their site. I’m trying to clean up my own act by eating healthier and more organic, so I thought this would be a positive way to incorporate “range free” into my diet.

The entrance to Roots Cafe is welcoming and the interior cozy, while it sports that urban-like hole-in-the-wall, best-kept-secret feel. You immediately savor the physical history of the building itself with it’s dark walls and wooden beams, although I don’t think the Cafe has been in this location for more than a year.

Friendly service abounds with a young gentleman who greeted me and then took my order after waiting on a few take out customers. I would think a restaurant like this would do great take-out for breakfast and lunch during the week in the middle of a bustling county seat and college town like West Chester.

I ordered my eggs scrambled, a side of fried potatoes with onions and peppers and a small order of bacon (sorry about the bacon kids, but I need to take this healthier diet inclusion slowly.) I also requested a cup of their organically grown Nicaraguan coffee.

I waited for my breakfast while sitting at the front of the Cafe, looking out onto busy Gay Street. The place has three small tables and a few comfortable stools at the front window bar for dining in. The “Black Keys” wafted through on the radio and was a perfect alternative style and college-like compliment for my early morning meal.

My coffee was served hot and tasted rich and full of flavor as my platter was hand delivered by the counter guy with a smile.

To be honest, the eggs were a bit watery for me personally, but they DID have a clean and fresh taste. The potatoes and bacon were perfectly done and after eating, I munched on a simple wedge of fresh juicy watermelon that adorned my plate.

They do omelets and breakfast sandwiches as well. The lunch menu includes several in-season salads, paninis (including a great looking vegetarian one that has spinach, roasted red peppers, sauteed onions, topped with mushrooms and garlic mayo) and signature sandwiches like bar-b-que pork and wraps.

I’d definitely try the Roots Cafe again. You just can’t beat that local flavor and atmosphere and who wants to go to one of those Bob Evans places anyway? I’d imagine that weekends would be somewhat busy for Roots Cafe since it IS located right next to a Starbucks.