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Once again, I am entrusted to come up with a quick and easy, yet spectacularly tasting culinary creation for Daryl before he runs off to his part time job until ten tonight. Keep in mind, that Daryl would be quite content with a Stouffers French bread pizza, but I just can’t do that when I have the time to cook. Plus, I enjoy it!

Enter chicken breasts (bone in).

Place skin side up in a baking dish with some onion, a little organic chicken broth, and some dry white wine. Fresh cracked pepper and sea salt on the skin, accompanied with some fresh thyme, rosemary and garlic. In the oven at 375 for about 35 to 40 minutes.

Garlic smashed potatoes are boiled first. Add half a stick of butter (professional term huh?), a little half and half, some freshly cut scallions and TWO full bulbs of oven-roasted garlic. Lots of cracked pepper and a little sea salt. Heaven.

I used some of this (see below) in the cooking process and also, some of this (see below again) in the cooking process (yes, I meant it to sound that way).

SIDE NOTE: I have apparently been omitting the Oxford comma in my lists of things on my blogs. My annoyingly brilliant and wonderfully humorous daughter has sort of told informed me that I need to bring the Oxford comma back into my posts.

I tried to ground that woman and send her to her room… but alas she is in New Zealand and quite happily enjoying wedded bliss. I miss her and will have to wait until Thanksgiving to ground her when she moves her pregnant self back to the States.