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Monday’s are my day off this month. Kinda’ nice actually… especially when it’s gloomy, cool and drizzling off and on. My search for a different breakfast place has taken me to Malvern, PA at the Lincoln Court Shopping Center. Conveniently, the shopping center also houses a grocery store, a liquor store, and a dollar store. ALL errands that I will now be able to cross of my to-do-list after a filling and tasty breakfast at Dixie Picnic.

As I walked in, I was a little taken aback by its appearance. To me, it looked somewhat like it was once an ice cream parlor or some other fast food establishment. I like my breakfast spots to have a little local character, and Dixie Picnic was lacking somewhat in that department, however, in fairness they did have a few wicker benched tables in the front to give it a Southern porch-like feel.

I am not a fan of counter service because to me it seems like a burger or chicken joint, but I noticed a sign indicating that they cook everything to order and the menu looked very creative so I ordered the “French Toast A L’Orange,” and a cup of hot medium blend Haven Roast coffee from the friendly girl behind the counter.

French Toast A L’Orange

I was pleasantly surprised at how tasteful and light the French toast was. The orange butter smelled and tasted light and zesty as well. This place MUST be one of Malvern’s best kept secrets… atmosphere be damned!

I noticed a large baking display case at the front of the restaurant that included several homemade dishes including potato and pasta salads as well as a few fruit flavored box jams including watermelon and strawberry. I also noticed a plaque from MainLine Today that awarded Dixie Picnic with an impressive BEST “Biscuits and Gravy” for 2011.

I glanced to another display and noticed several racks filled neatly with the famous “UpCake.” I had read about these confectionery concoctions on another local website and had decided that THEY were the reason I’d take a chance on Dixie Picnic to begin with.

Dixie Picnic's famous UpCake!

It was well worth the trip! I have seen many local cupcake creations cropping up about as quickly as new and “better” GOP candidates, but the upcake was truly attractive to my left-handed anti-establishment political leaning. There was sweet cream icing in every bite and seasonal flavors to bar none. I opted for a foursome that included pumpkin spice, apple and cinnamon, pistachio and the out-of-this-world red velvet. There were many other flavors that included coconut, banana, blood orange, and kiwi to name a few.

UpCakes! (clockwise from front), red velvet, pistachio, apple-cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.

Dixie Picnic has a wonderfully diverse “down-home Southern-style” menu for breakfast and lunch. They also specialize in “Bette’s Box Lunches” and do catering as well.

Visit the Dixie Picnic website at www.DixiePicnic.com for menus and hours of operation.